From its humble beginnings, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Wichita, KS. was born and established by its faithful parishioners in 1927. Its first visiting priest came from Memphis, TN. to perform Holy Week services. Many elated Orthodox faithful came from numerous surrounding towns and states to worship and observe their Paschal customs and traditions brought from the "old country."

With the new influx of Greeks to Wichita, the church began to grow. Many Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals were conducted at the A.H.E.P.A. hall on South Lawrence.

It was through their admirable work ethic, tireless efforts for various fund raisers and benevolent donors that they were able to buy the land and build a beautiful house of worship, fellowship hall and educational building at the corner of Grove and Waterman around 1944-1951. They and their priest(s) spent many happy years there.

However, there was another issue that the City of Wichita decided to bring to the forefront. It was the final decree in 1979 from the city fathers that Holy Trinity's land must be utilized to implement improvements along South Grove. Many heated discussions ensued but in the end, the concept of "eminent domain" prevailed.

Although broken-hearted and homeless of their church, they remained faithful to their Orthodoxy and began to meet for church services in many other locations throughout Wichita.

In 1986, with the purchase a church property at the corner of Dellrose and Murdock, they renovated it to prepare for its consecration and door-opening (Thyranoixia) by the Bishop who had assigned Holy Trinity a full-time priest.

Many fruitful years had passed but, as with life, various factors came into play and the church suffered. In an effort to keep Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church alive, the Parish Council members brought in retired Orthodox priests to administer to the "flock" two to three times a month for over 10 years.

All the time considering the wishes of the congregation, their diligent efforts to find a full-time Greek Orthodox priest proved successful. It was Father Teodor Bita who was touched by the Holy Spirit, to come out of his well-deserved retirement serve Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church with the whole-hearted blessings of the Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver until 2016.  After 2016, the service schedule went back to being "part time".  In recent years, services have been conducted by Fr. Ambrose until 2018 and now by Fr. Nick Papedo.

In recent years, the parish has stabilised and the dedicated members of the parish apply their time and talents to the growth of the church.  The wish is to one day return to offering a full time service schedule once again.

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